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Pearl Capital’s commercial mortgage fund is the best way to earn interests on your capital. Thanks to years of experience in the financial and real estate sectors, we are able to offer this unique investment opportunity with an attractive 6% fixed interest rate annually.

Thanks to our real estate financing experience, we know exactly what’s important to you as an investor. If you are looking for a fixed interest rate with real estate as collateral, you are at the right address with Pearl Capital.

Why choose Pearl Capital?

Entrusting Pearl Capital with your money comes with plenty of benefits. In the current economic climate, with high inflation and low interest rates, leaving your money in the bank is not the wisest choice.

With Pearl Capital, you can grow your capital with ease thanks to our 6% fixed net interest rate. We offer an attractive interest rate with zero risk and short-term options from 18 months. If you want to extend your investment, that is also possible.

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Enter the world of our commercial mortgage fund and enjoy the financial security it offers. At Pearl Capital, careful management of your investment is our first concern. With our commercial mortgage fund, we repay your trust with an attractive 6% fixed interest rate annually.

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Get personal, professional advice from our experts about the best way to invest your capital.

Assistance with loans

Pearl Capital is also your trusted partner for commercial real estate loans. With our years of experience in real estate investments and loans, we are the experts you are looking for. We understand the unique challenges that entrepreneurs are faced with and offer tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

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Invest in our commercial mortgage fund

Investing in Pearl Capital’s commercial mortgage fund offers plenty of benefits. We understand like no other that investors are looking for robust security. Discover the collateral and security you are guaranteed when you invest in Peal Capital’s commercial mortgage fund.

Pearl Capital’s commercial mortgage fund has a short 18-month term, and your investment is secured by the first registration on the mortgage.

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Pearl Capital scores an average 4.3 out of 5.

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Max has an extensive professional background in the real estate and financial sectors, and boasts more than 10 years of experience in this trade.

He specialised as a wealth advisor over his ten-year career. During this time, he has built an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge of financial planning, asset management, investments, and risk management.

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