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Medewerker Max
Investment Advisor

Max is the driving force behind our dialogues with investors. As an investment advisor, he specialises in conversations with wealthy individuals and parties, and in convincing them of the power and potential of investing in Pearl Capital. His thorough knowledge combined with his authenticity make him a trusted guide in the world of investments. When Max gets some time to himself, you can find him on a mountain bike, enjoying nature.

Medewerker Ben
Investment Advisor

With his expertise in investment strategies, Paul is a central tenet of the Pearl Capital team. His strategic approach and strong conversation skills make him the perfect trusted partner for wealthy individuals and parties. Thanks to his professional guidance, numerous investors choose to entrust Pearl Capital with their assets. Besides his professional acumen, Paul loves classical music and likes to spend time in nature.

Investment Advisor

With his profound knowledge of investment strategies, Max plays a crucial role within the Pearl Capital team. His strategic approach and persuasive communication make him the trusted advisor for affluent individuals and organizations. Many investors rely on his expert guidance in making critical decisions about their capital.

Medewerker Paul
Investment Advisor

Ben is an important player within the Pearl Capital team. As an investment advisor, he leads conversations with wealthy individuals and parties and is able to offer them the best commercial investment options thanks to his in-depth knowledge and years of experience. Outside the professional realm, Ben is a passionate pianist and a lover of jazz concerts.

Risk & Compliance

Erwin identifies all laws and regulations that apply to the business and identifies possible compliance issues. With his expertise and experience in risk and compliance, Erwin forms a solid foundation within the Pearl Capital team.

Giorgina Pearl Capital
Office Manager

Giorgina will welcome you on the phone or live with her enthusiasm. Furthermore, she manages everything within Pearl Capital with her drive and proactive attitude. And with her service-oriented mentality, she makes sure that every interaction and organization goes smoothly. When she is not working for Pearl Capital, she enjoys being in the mountains to go skiing. Furthermore, she loves taking beautiful and adventurous trips.

Nikita Pearl Capital
Administrative Assistant

Nikita is an administrative jack-of-all-trades. She likes to keep files and accounting in order, because the figures always have to be correct. With her positive attitude, she often manages to motivate people to get the best out of themselves. She is the founder of a cooking club and also feels in her element in the role of hostess and cook. She is disciplined and goes to the sports studio twice every week for an Electric Muscle Stimulation session, so everything stays in balance.

Medewerker Jacob

Jacob leads Pearl Capital with a clear vision and strong leadership. His strategic and commercial insights have lifted Pearl Capital to new heights. He is an inspiring leader who believes firmly in his team’s potential. In his spare time, Jacob is a wine connoisseur who loves to discover new vineyards.

Medewerker Justin
Marketing Manager

Justin’s innovative approach to marketing and his talent for storytelling have granted Pearl Capital a distinctive image. He is always looking for new trends and makes sure our brand stays relevant and attractive. Outside of work, Justin likes to explore new cultures and cuisines through travel.


Iggy, source of joy for the Pearl Capital team. His playful nature and constant enthusiasm are a daily reminder to maintain a healthy balance between work and play. Between playing fetch and digging up lost snacks, Iggy is a constant source of positivity and laughter.

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Max has an extensive professional background in the real estate and financial sectors, and boasts more than 10 years of experience in this trade.

He specialised as a wealth advisor over his ten-year career. During this time, he has built an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge of financial planning, asset management, investments, and risk management.