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Date: 3 September 2023

Certainties for investors

For investors, investing in the Pearl Capital commercial mortgage fund offers many benefits. Itโ€™s the ultimate way to make your capital profitable. We understand like no other that you as an investor want to count on certain guarantees. These are the guarantees you always receive as a Pearl Capital investor.

  • 6% interest rate annually
  • First registration on the mortgage
  • Pledge deed from real estate professional
  • Valuation basis

6% interest annually

The most important guarantee you want as an investor is that your capital will be profitable. At Pearl Capital, you are guaranteed a yearly interest rate of 6% on your investment. Distributions are paid out quarterly.

First registration on the mortgage

When you lend money to Pearl Capital, you get the first registration on the mortgage. Through Pearl Capital, you get the lien on the mortgage security, which Pearl Capital receives from the real estate professional.

Pledge deed from real estate professional

The real estate professional always co-signs the loan privately. This means that they are also privately liable when repayments and/or interests are not paid on time. If the deficit becomes too large, Pearl Capital can seize the professionalโ€™s private assets.

Valuation basis

Our experienced real estate experts manually process each loan application. We make sure we create a portfolio that is as profitable as possible with as little risk as possible. Each investment from Pearl Capital is based on a valuation report, which lowers the risk.

Own capital injection from real estate professional

Depending on the project, the real estate professional, and the circumstances, Pearl Capital reduces risk to a minimum. One additional measure to this effect can be to demand a personal investment from the real estate professional, judged on a case-by-case basis.

Risk of real estate market collapse

A question few are able to answer, is whether it is wise to invest in real estate? When the market adjusts (positively or negatively), this can have an influence on the value of certain objects. However, you invest in Pearl Capitalโ€™s commercial mortgage fund rather than directly in real estate. Any potential fluctuations are absorbed by Pearl Capital, U als investeerder zal hier dan ook niets van merken.without any effect on you as an investor.


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