Discover the power of generating a passive income through real estate

Looking to experience financial freedom and to generate a passive income? At Pearl Capital, we understand that generating a passive income is one of the most effective ways to reach financial stability and independence. That’s why we have specialised in helping people like you, who are looking for opportunities to generate a passive income. We help our investors obtain a passive income through our commercial mortgage fund.

What is a passive income?

A passive income is a stream of income that you generate without having to be actively involved all the time. As opposed to a traditional 9-to-5 job, where you are only remunerated for the hours worked, a passive income lets you earn money in a more automated, autonomised manner.

One of the most common forms of passive income is investing in real estate. At Pearl Capital, this investment is made by lending money to our commercial mortgage fund. This loan has a short term of 18 months. Your investment is guaranteed with real estate as your hypothecary collateral. Your investment in Pearl Capital’s commercial mortgage fund is rewarded with a fixed net interest rate of 6%.

Benefits of real estate investments with Pearl Capital

We understand the opportunities and benefits that real estate investments offer. Our expert advisors are happy to guide you through your investment from start to finish. We will make sure that your investment is profitable, eliminating any worries on your part. Our commercial mortgage fund is designed specifically for individuals with an investment capacity starting at €100.000. This capital gives you access to exclusive opportunities in the world of real estate investments, which allows you to generate a lucrative passive income.

At Pearl Capital, you benefit from attractive advantages when investing in our commercial mortgage fund. First of all, we offer a fixed annual interest rate of 6%. This means you receive stable returns on your investment. You also benefit from the first registration on the mortgage, which offers an extra layer of protection and security. You can trust the real estate itself as collateral for your investment.

Our commercial mortgage fund is aimed solely at Dutch real estate. This has several benefits, including a better insight in the local market and the ability to manage risks that are specific to the Dutch real estate sector. We strive for a thorough, locally oriented approach to real estate investments. Another benefit is the short term of our investments. This means you can enjoy your passive income relatively quickly. We offer you a quick and efficient investment experience.

Discover the ultimate investment opportunity with Pearl Capital

Get in touch with no obligations today and discover the power of generating passive income through our commercial mortgage fund. Together, we can lay a solid foundation for your financial future. Invest in our commercial mortgage fund and create a stable source of passive income that you can trust.

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