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Discover the opportunity to invest your capital with an attractive interest rate in Pearl Capital’s commercial mortgage fund.

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Discover the opportunity to invest your capital with an attractive interest rate in Pearl Capital’s commercial mortgage fund. If you are looking for an investment opportunity with zero risk, we offer the option to participate from €100.000. Pearl Capital has years of experience in commercial mortgage investments, allowing us to generate a 6% interest rate annually for our investors.

What is a commercial mortgage fund?

A commercial mortgage fund is an investment vehicle that funds mortgages covered by commercial real estate. Our commercial mortgage fund has a short term of 18 months. As an investor, you always have first registration on the mortgage to protect your invested capital.

By investing in Pearl Capital’s commercial mortgage fund, you can enjoy steady returns while spreading your investment risk across multiple real estate projects as collateral. In short, this creates a cash flow.

Pearl Capital offers various real estate loans, making sure our investors receive 6% interest per year on their invested capital.

With a fixed 6% interest rate annually, the Pearl Capital commercial mortgage fund is a reliable, attractive option for growing your financial ambitions.

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Why invest in Pearl Capital’s commercial mortgage fund?

Participation from € 100.000

Pearl Capital takes care of the entire process from A to Z.

Security and transparency

A commercial mortgage fund offers zero risk thanks to the first registration on the mortgage as collateral.


Returns: 6% fixed net interest rate annually

High fixed return on your investment.

Notarial registration

All agreements between the investor and Pearl Capital are recorded by notarial deed.

Invest VAT-free

Besides the fixed interest rate and zero risk on your investment in our commercial mortgage fund, we can offer an additional financial benefit. Investing in our commercial mortgage fund is VAT-free. This means that your investment in our commercial mortgage fund is geared solely towards reaping the 6% fixed net interest, without any unexpected fiscal costs. This way, Pearl Capital offers a streamlined, transparent, VAT-free investment opportunity.

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Your investment, step by step

Request a personal conversation with no obligations by filling out the form below. During the conversation, we will explain our process rigorously. Discover how you can invest your capital with a high fixed interest rate and a comforting level of security.

After the conversation, you will be equipped with all the information you need to decide whether Pearl Capital’s commercial mortgage fund suits your needs. Contact us today to plan an appointment.

1. Contact request

Contact us through the online form or call us at 020 – 123 45 67

2. Conversation with an expert

You can expect a conversation within 48 hours from your request. This conversation can take place online or at our Amsterdam offices depending on your preference.

3. Drafting the contract

We will draft the contract based on your requests. You can trust that we will take the utmost care with every detail, making sure that the contract completely matches your wishes and that your investment is secure and profitable.

4. Notarial deed

Once the contract has been signed, it is passed to the notary, where the final deed is signed before the investment starts.

Browse our projects

Are you curious about the impact of our commercial mortgage fund on real estate projects? We are proud of the many success stories we have helped realise at Pearl Capital. Here is an overview of some of the projects we have supported through our financing options.

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